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A-Tech supplies a variety of measurement and control instrumentation for research and industry.
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News & Announcements
BeanScape 2.4GHz Sensor Series Update

The BeanScape 2.4GHz software was updated with FTP Client and now allows a connection to a third-party FTP server. This function is only available on the Premium , Premium+, and Multiview versions.

Wilow Sensor Series 

Short ground vibration according to DIN4150-3 is now available on the BeanScape Wilow Premium and Multiview software.

How to use FTP Configuration on 2.4GHz BeanScape software

Beandevice ONE-TH sensor improvements!

BeanAir has improved the temperature and humidity sensor precision for their Beandevice ONE-TH

Temperature Sensor Accuracy:

±0.1 °C (instead of  ±0.2 °C), for temperature range +20°C to +60°C

Humidity Sensor Accuracy:

±1.5 %RH (instead of ±1.8 %RH)  for Humidity range 0 to 90 %RH and temperature range  +10°C to +60°C

For a better product maintenance (re-calibration cost), the measurement drift was also improved (< 0.25 % RH / year).

For more Information visit:

Wireless iot temperature humidity sensors specifications

AMTI is proud to announce the long-awaited release of their new portable sports force plate!

The AccuPower™-Optimized multi-axis force platform is now even more accurate and features USB Integration.

Equipped with wheels and a handle, you can take the ACP-O with you for data collections in classrooms, weight rooms, court-side or even outside in the right weather conditions.

The THE600 SCARA robot with TS5000 controller is here!

The THE600 SCARA Industrial Robot with TS5000 controller from Shibaura Machine is here, and it carries more weight, is more precise, faster and less expensive.

TM Robotics Product line-up

New version of the Beandevice 2.4Ghz ONE-TH


  • 2 x Relay Output controls ( 1 Relay for Measuring OK, 1 Relay for Alarm )
  • Main Power Supply instead of Battery power. 

This product upgrade will be based on the same concept as the BeanDevice 2.4Ghz ONE TIR MED

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